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[[that was ooc but LET THE LULZ COMMENCE!!!]] 6ut—6ut that makes it s9und like y9u w9uld 9nly d9 s9 t9 pacify me! I w9uld never—why w9uld I ask y9u t9 6e my quad if y9u didn’t want t9 d9 s9?!

(all this humidity and moodiness is breaking my brain I CAN’T READ XD)

"No no no! I’d be honored to fill a quadrant! Honest!

I just don’t want to force myself on you in that department, you know? I’m not a troll, so my understanding of it is limited. But its a very special thing isn’t it? You guys don’t just fill them on a whim, you make sure the troll is right before you ask them.

I already consider you one of my closest friends. I’m just being culturally polite.”