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Now that a glimmer of hope has returned, I have returned.
      I, Yumigami, god of the moon, cover the earth in pale moonlight.
Use this light in conjunction with your own on your perilous journey!

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I didn’t grow old
                            nor get more mature
                                                              I grew tired.



Testing the Waters (@red-moon-rises)


If there was anything that Nuregami had not been expecting in her travel to Oni Island, it was tranquility. However, in the middle of this open room, with nature surrounding her on every side and the sound of imps from outside disappearing, she found a strange calmness. Who might have expected a place like this in the dark fortress?

Tobi had left, leaving the goddess once again to her own devices. It would be a good chance to clear her mind without the discomfort of being constantly watched. He had said to sit and wait, yes? With a slow stride she approached the small pool before stepping down into the water, the koi within barely shifting away at her presence, then lowered to her knees to sit. Perhaps this was not what the cursed charm had intended, but feeling the cool water up to her sides was a very reassuring sensation.

A small scroll unfurled from the goddess’s sleeve on one side as her fingertips darkened to an inky black on the other, and she began to draw. The water before her jumped up, twisting into small spirals and loops in time with the motions of her finger. They were pointless, empty movements, but it was a distraction that let her organize her thoughts one last time. Her resolve was there to see this through, but she still wondered what would occur. Upon hearing Ninetails enter the room her motions stopped, the water spout splashing back down into the pool as Nuregami stood up. 


"My wait has been no burden to me," she replied dutifully, head tilting forward in a shallow bow. Upon bringing her gaze back up she hesitated to speak, first letting her eyes pass over her host for the moment. Ninetails looked somewhat worse for wear, likely due to her brother’s attack.

The goddess smoothly stepped out of the pool now to be on even ground with the fox. “I came… to inquire on a number of things on which I seek your confirmation. I wish that you answer me truthfully… lest you suffer consequences for a discovered lie in the future.” It was probably a little harsh, but her voice carried little edge. In fact, it seemed to be wavering as she went through the warning. Nuregami was nervous. “Ah then… first, that is… is your condition well? It was… beyond my brother’s position to strike out in such a manner.”

Even a twisted kitsune could appreciate nature and wish to bask in it. When her mind and values had been warped by greed and power, she had reasoned that places of tranquility were necessary. A clear and calm mind led to victory. And it really would have been a shame to let those koi die in the pond. Himiko had so many koi that she really wouldn’t have noticed if a few of them went missing.

Was the fox surprised to see the goddess sitting in the water? Yes, though admittedly, she couldn’t blame her for doing so. She had chosen this room specifically with her comfort in mind, if sitting in the water with the koi made her comfortable, then she would not question it.

"Good. I would hate to inconvenience you in any way." She said in a friendly tone. However, it faded when the goddess continued to speak. Ah, more hostility. Perhaps she should have expected as much.

"Very well. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability…" But she could not guarantee that she would answer them all. Lying was not something she planned, but depending on what the goddess asked about, well, some things she did not wish to speak about.

"I am as well as can be. Physically, I am healing fine, with the help of Rejuvenation. If I did not have that brushstroke, I fear the damage would have been much more severe…"

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I do faintly recall Akuro mentioning something or asking if I remembered anything, and that’s it. Nothing you just mentioned other than the fact of the ark rings a bell. It is nothing of importance considering the fact it isn’t my current mission nor my goal at the moment. I must focus on regaining my strength from something I cannot remember. This is somewhat of a hassle, but I have no reason to be bothered by it- i have no ability to feel ‘bother’.  " He had paused for a moment after that, empty red eyes scanning over the other multiple times. Sure, there was an air of familiarity, but he couldn’t remember anything about the other. 

It seems they had no intentions of telling him either. He wouldn’t pry, mostly since he didn’t really care at all. He was incapable of that as well after all. 

" Either way. I can only assume that you did a good job with whatever I don’t recall. You don’t seem like the kind of demon that would disappoint me. " Well, god if he knew the truth he would kind of be eating his own words, especially considering the fact that he was so disappointed in her before the incident.

Akuro. Hm, that name sounded familiar. She made a note to ask about that later. For now, she would determine just how much of Yami’s memory was gone. If possible, she would manipulate the gap to paint her in a slightly better light, one that would ensure that the Dark Lord would not call upon her again.

It wasn’t the high road, but damn it, she’d take what she could get.

"Well, far be it from me to lecture you, but those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. I know what it is you are regaining your strength from. Hell, everyone in Nippon knows the events of the Day of Darkness. I’m sure the Envoy of the Goddess would get that story out into the world."

How in the world could he forget a defeat like that? There was something unnatural about it, though, Yami wasn’t a natural entity to begin with. Maybe something went haywire when he pulled himself back from the depths.

Gods, this was too easy.

"I did my tasks and carried out every detail with perfection. My plans went off without a hitch, and everyone that was a nuisance or threat were swiftly taken care of.

Of course, since you were defeated, I cannot claim it to be a true success. Chain reactions and all, but that is not something that could be helped.”

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