No, no, NO. A dolphin does not have fur to groom!!

I am a goddess and I do not smell like cooked oils, I do not!!

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is it okay to put itegami here because if so, //places the thing here

Ninetails hasn’t spent much time with Itegemi, but her feelings towards him are rather neutral. His brushstroke is one of the few she has managed to learn on her own, so she often wonders if he will take it away from her.

But other then that, she’s pretty sure she hasn’t done anything to offend him.

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Murphy is another human the fox met in the modern age of humans that she’s come to respect and care for as one of her own. The dedication and love he shows for is family is something inspiring, and she’s promised to look out for them.

Nothing like having a giant demon fox as a guard dog to persuade people to back off.

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That weird ass wolf that controls the sun or something. (For relationship meme)

Ah yes, the mutt that showed up to her island and broke everything, including her gatekeeper B(

NAH in all seriousness Ninetails now holds a great amount of respect for the goddess and knows better then to try and tangle with her again. One ass kicking was enough, she’s learned her lesson, and she does not expect to be forgiven for everything she’s done.

She’s pretty wary whenever Amaterasu shows up on the island, mostly out of the paranoia that she still has to pay for her sins.


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She thinks he’s a temperamental asshole that needs to let old things go.

She tricked him and humiliated him, she has apologized for it, end of story. There is literally nothing else she can do to make it up to him, that she’s aware of, so she wishes he would leave her be.

Yes, she understands why he’s pissed off at her, but just because she understands it doesn’t mean she is going to sit there quietly while her safety is in danger.


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Nicole because yolo

Ninetails thinks Nicole is smart, much smarter then most of the people she’s met in the modern era, and she actually respects the gods and demons of old, and that’s the type of thing that really gets points with Ninetails.

However, she feels kind of bad that she’s lied to Nicole, since Nicole has met Tails both in her demon form, and as Rao. She doesn’t have the heart to explain that they are one and the same.

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Yomigami is one of the most important people in her life, the one who drives her to improve herself and mend all the things she’s done in the past. He’s given her something no one has ever really given her before; absolute faith.

And that sort of thing from a god means the world to her, so she cherishes it and is determined to show she is worthy of it.

She’s basically a big tsun baby when it comes to that dragon it kills the mun

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Yuuka has become a very good friend to the fox. They share quite a few interests and really enjoy complaining to each other about the idiots that storm into their homes without any respect for common courtesy.

Ninetails simply adores Yuuka’s gardens and holds her opinions of plant care in high regards, about the same tier as the Hanagami Trio actually.