I am
happy to have seen him in my adulthood.

Be it that I am no mortal and I bear no true family…

But my father will always be my dearest father.
And he lives in me.

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"Scream, Shiranui!"

Flames roared to life, twisting the metal of her sword until its final shape had taken place, a pronged blade of nine peeking through the glow. Shikai had become easy for her, endless hours of training finally paying off. The girl wouldn’t go as far as to say she could attempt bankai, not yet at least, but she was very gradually getting there.

The next step was to get her zanpaku-to to manifest, but given Shiranui’s piss poor attitude, waiting a month or two wouldn’t be the end of the world.

She grinned widely as her training session continued, magical fire reducing target after target into smoldering ash. If she kept this up, she just might get promoted!

But that would probably mean more paperwork.

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In a city fraught with danger, there was only one the citizens could turn too. He was their savior from alien invasions, natural disasters, and the curse known as bath time. He had nearly single handily tamed over six hundred creatures just as dangerous as he.

He was super.

He was special.

He was a hero!

Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a charecter I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or am currently playing somewhere else!

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æ = The character and languages (Known or Want to Learn)

Ninetails knows several languages, mainly Japanese, English, and various animal tongues. She can also read a little Lunarian.

Languages she would like to learn would be French interestingly enough. Purely so she can understand whatever the hell Waka is trying to say.

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☂ 。゚(TヮT)゚。

☂ = Weather the character enjoys

She really enjoys rainstorms from time to time. Not huge storms that cause thunder and lightning and torrential rain, but gentle storms that last for an entire day and leave the land smelling fresh and damp.

。゚(TヮT)゚。 = What makes the character laugh

Successful pranks, and watching karma come back to bite people in the ass. Especially if karma is catching up with a god. Its safe to say her sense of humor is just a little twisted.

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☂ and ♪?

☂ = Weather the character enjoys

Very calm days where the sun is bright and there’s a pleasant breeze. On days like that she can simply lay on the roof and bask in the sun, being as lazy as she wants to be.

♪ = What music the character likes

Her musical taste is not that large, as she’s only heard traditional music played throughout the land of Nippon. She really enjoys listening to the Hanagami preform, and even Waka’s flute playing isn’t completely terrible.

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( =①ω①=)

( =①ω①=) = What animals the character likes and if they have a pet/pets

Technically speaking, she has nine foxes, and a whole pond full of koi.

If she were to pick any other pets though, she might go with a bird or maybe even a cat. Both creatures were common at the temple, and she enjoyed looking after them while in her disguise.

issunx sent:

† °

† = How the character feels about murder

While in Ryoshima Coast, she relished the idea of slaughtering all those who got in her way. Spilling blood and ending lives was a source of amusement to her. The bigger the body count,

These days, she’s desensitized to the whole thing. If she has to kill, then she will, though she is not mindless about it, and she won’t commit the act just for the fun of it.

° = The character’s temperature preferences

She prefers warmer temperatures over colder ones. Oni Island’s heat is what she is the most used too, so similar environments are comfortable to her. Even with all that fur, extreme heat doesn’t really get to her anymore.

Headcanons list! (Add more if you wish)


  • ½ = How the character feels about people taller or shorter than them
  • ± = The character and what they think about math
  • † = How the character feels about murder
  • @ = How the character appears online
  • ¥ = How the character handles money or spends it
  • ° = The character’s temperature preferences 
  • æ = The character and languages (Known or Want to Learn)
  • ↔ = The character’s ability to read directions
  • ♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.)
  • zzz= What time the character enjoys sleep or being awake
  • ☂ = Weather the character enjoys
  • ♪ = What music the character likes
  • ( =①ω①=) = What animals the character likes and if they have a pet/pets
  • (・∀・ ) = The character’s emotional state most of the time
  • ☆~(ゝ。∂)= How the character greets people
  • ⊙﹏☉ = What flusters the character
  • (≧∇≦) = What makes the character happy
  • (/□\*)・゜ = What makes the character blush
  • (;╹⌓╹) = What scares the character
  • (;へ:) = What makes the character cry
  • (´ q ` ” ) = The character’s “guilty” pleasure
  • (・□・;) = What makes the character uncomfortable
  • (*^◇^)_旦 = What the character likes to eat and drink
  • 。゚(TヮT)゚。 = What makes the character laugh
  • (´;Д;`) = What worries the character
  • (⑅ ‘﹃’ ) = What the character daydreams or thinks about
  • ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ ) = Friends the character has or would like to make