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My biggest fear

                        is that eventually

                                                  y o u  will see  m e

                                                                                   the way  I  see  m y s e l f 

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When absolutely NO character ever is even slightly intimidated by extremely tall, muscular and violent characters. I know that you’re behind a computer screen and you’re not scared because it’s not real, but your character is weak, a foot shorter than mine and this 7-foot, 300-pound bruiser is getting extremely pissed off and has a license to injure. Could anyone not even be SLIGHLTY wary of someone like that?

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If Tobi had been particularly attentive whenever Futo had first arrived on the island, he certainly would have seen the whirlwinds borne of twisting energy that she had used to propel herself. Now as the second gate opened, her entire form instead gathered the air around her into a twisting current that propelled her forward, taking the first leap as soon as she had clearance of the gate to launch out to one of the platforms.

The chasm spanning the length of the room was indeed deep, as the hermit noticed during the middle of her flight, with the gleam of sharp points of metal far below. She wondered idly how many individuals had possibly fallen to their deaths here. She did not immediately notice any sort of corpses or body parts down there, so either it was not common or the trap was well-tended since the last accident. Perhaps she could ask him later, but for now her attention was on the pat ahead as her foot tapped on the wooden platform for less than a second before launching her into the next leap. Only a few of such steps were needed to get across the platforms and to the other side, where the gate was a short hop away.

"Have thee many winners of thy games?" She asked with a shout while sliding through the door. Certainly the first two stages were not any great challenge, but he had promised that there was more. One would expect a dark spirit to have some particularly deadly traps in store. “‘Twould appear that to fail would impose a high price indeed!"

Oh, she was just a delight to race with. Even without using his own abilities for hovering, he still had to work very hard to keep up with her, feet stepping on platforms only long enough for him to launch himself to the next, the platform plummeting into the depths of the needle filled pit below.

She again, managed to beat him by a hair, and in all actuality, it likely would have been a tie had the gate been bigger. But he admitted that, the Labyrinth hadn’t originally been designed for ties. There usually was only supposed to be one winner, and one very unfortunate loser.

"Oh there have been a fair few who have managed to get all the way through to the top." He said, stepping over to the wall and popping open a panel, revealing a large chain. A slight tug was given to it, and the platforms that had fallen to the ground rose up once again. It was a habit of his really, resetting the course after it was immediately finished. He wouldn’t want anyone to forget to do it, otherwise the maze would lose the fun! It was also why he always made sure to clean up any blood that spilled during said races.

"It can be slightly dangerous, yes~" He said with a light laugh as he closed the panel again. “But we haven’t had any deaths related to it. Most who run it are gods and demons, or other supernatural creatures. Ones who can handle a few nasty injuries. We’re careful not to let mortals run through it, they wouldn’t last five minutes.”

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"Yeah!" Suwako nodded energetically with a huge, beaming grin. However it occurred to her that the woman might want a little more qualification of what the goddess meant. "Well, I mean you’re a little dirty and roughed up, I guess, but you’ve still got this nice prettiness to you… like you’re a fancy lady." What she was meaning to say is that she finds Ninetails elegant, though her child-like act was not the best at expressing these things. "Oh, and you’ve got a nice heart too. I can tell it when you smile, kero!"

The girl rested back a few feet now, stretching her arms somewhat dramatically before they came to rest behind her head. She was enjoying this big fuzzy woman as much as Tobi had made her hope she would. “We all do stuff we’re not proud of, and getting caught up with the power stuff is one of them. I even had sacrifices for a while. I bet lots of people wouldn’t like me if they knew I used to do that!” Even though she smiled there was the slightest tinge of guilt on the goddess’s face. Talking about her past was not something that she did often, and even then she prefered to strictly address her time after Kanako had entered her life. The centuries before were dark indeed.

"Not all of us get second chances, so we have to make the best of them, right? Make new friends, try to heal up the old damage, prove that we deserved to have people believe in us…" That last part was particularly important to the goddess, as was what to follow, "…maybe even find a family. We think that we lose these things or that we don’t deserve them, but… even someone like me can be happy, right? That means that you can too. I know you can, kero. You’ve already started to figure it out."

"Well its certainly nice to know that I haven’t completely forgotten everything I learned while pretending to be a priestess." Most of Rao’s mannerisms and habits had come to rub off on her, and even now, years later she still found herself acting as Rao had. Just the little things like posture or how she carried herself.

Though even past that, the fox always did consider herself on the same level as the nobility that thrived within the city. She was much more sophisticated then the other demons she had lived with, with the possible exception of the Twins. They were sophisticated in their own right.

She could see how guilt from past deeds plagued the little goddess, and it confirmed her suspicions that, no one really escaped from those past deeds. She had hoped that on some level she would be free of those sins, but no amount of time could truly rid anyone of their past. Still, she gave the other a sympathetic smile. "I’ve bet you have done more good deeds that outweigh whatever bad deeds that have been done in the past."

Words were pondered over, her agreeing with them to an extent. Finding friends and those who had faith in her? She was already on that path. But a family to call her own? That was something that still eluded her and plagued her darkest fears. Did she truly deserve one? How could she even start when she couldn’t even—

No, now was not the time to linger on that.

"Started yes, but its going to be a very long and difficult path. But still, it is much better to have begun then to long for it but never achieve it."

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A pleasant sigh escaped the deity at the response of the fox. It was certainly a nice interaction that this human holiday had brought about. Even better to see that it had the kitsune in such high spirits. He imagined that such events were somewhat rare for the woman outside of her island, so it was hard not to feel pleased to pass the time like this.

Her refusal to state a gift in return, on the other hand, brought the slightest frown to the deity. It was not that he was annoyed or upset, but it did leave him marginally perturbed to be left without something to give in return. She said that she was content with the support that he had given her, but that was more of a constant. Was there not anything that she enjoyed that he could provide at the moment? No food or tokens were there, and she had the best gift that he could provide already. However, something did occur to him after a moment. It was a thing that had almost passed out of memory, so minor was the event, but he did recall the fox enjoying it particularly.


"If you will not name something, then if you would permit me…" He spoke calmly as his position shifted forward, sliding closer to the fox before extending his arm above her. She had been in the form of an animal last time, certainly, but he assumed that the enjoyment would be the same regardless. At least, that was the dragon’s reasoning as his hand came down gently on top of her head, rubbing her hair and an ear gently. "Would something like this be acceptable?"

It wasn’t that she was against expressing her happiness or amusement, she had no issue cackling loudly as she watched pranks unfold or smiling softly as children played. She was just guarded slightly, a deep rooted paranoia manifesting that her happiness would be short lived, that something would come take it away. So she savored the moments, and tried to make them last by hiding just how much she was enjoying it.

Backwards thinking perhaps, but really it was just the tip of the iceberg of things wrong with her mental state.

Curiosity filled her gaze as he shifted closer, wondering just what he might have in mind. He didn’t seem the type to suddenly spring physical affection on her, especially since he didn’t know much about the holiday they were celebrating. From what she had heard, most mortals treated it with a more romantic tone, but that had not been how it was intended originally, so she saw no harm in giving him a gift. Who would question it?

Her face flushed slightly as his intentions became clear. Well, she did enjoy it quite a bit, and it was only a little odd. Usually the only ones who petted her ears in this form were children who got glee out of the fact that she looked like a human but had fox ears. His touch was far more gentle then that of a young child though, which she was pretty grateful for.

It did take her a moment to work up a coherent sentence though. "I…yes, I should say so. Don’t get many ear scratches these days…"

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serpentsofthegreatsun sent:

"What if you stayed this time?"

"Stayed? Is that even allowed? I thought only gods could reside here…"